Gifted and Talented at Horwich Parish

Year 6 Poems

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Year 6 have created a poems that reflect on their experience this last year.


Recycling Assembly

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KS1 Gifted and Talented Science Workshop

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Gifted and Talented Football Maths

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A gifted and talented programme has been put together for a group of children to investigate the links between football and numeracy. The workshop has involved the children creating their own fantasy football team to compete against each other in a league, managing the points scored for their players. They also had a budget and were using numbers involving millions! The football fanatics have also investigated maths linked to a football pitch and will be developing their numerical understanding and using and applying skills in plenty more fun and interesting ways!



Horwich Parish has Talent 2011

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Horwich Parish has Talent 2011



After two successful competitions, we decided to continue the Horwich Parish has Talent fever! Children could not wait to audition and show off their talents! The audition process was an emotional rollercoaster as many children came out of the woodworks to dazzle us with their singing, acting, dancing, magic and musical abilities! 


The finalists were: Luke H (Monologue), James B (Euphonium), Grace RM (Dancer), Keely L (Singer), The Sunshine Kids: Jessica BB, Lydia W, Ellie W, Emma Q, Abbie G, Millie L, Victoria H, Lucie O (Dancers), Thomas G and Amy H (Pianists), The Beach Boys: Luke H, Joe L, Harrison B, Joseph A (Dancers), Abigail D (Singer), Karis N and Sarah L (Singers), Laura I (Singer) and Joseph H and William B (Magicians). All the finalists were amazing and I think credit should go to all of them for having the courage to stand in front of an audience and demonstrate their abilities. A massive congratulations from Mrs Hall! I loved each and everyone of your acts!

This year, the show was hosted by two ‘naturals’ (you would have thought they were presenters for a living!), Hollie T and Olivia B.  The finalists performed their acts in front of an all star judging panel – regular, Amanda Fairclough  (Actress and Drama Facilitator), Glen Mortimer (Manager of Stirling Academy), Mark Daniel (Professional magician) and Andy Wyatt (Bolton Symphony Orchestra and Corus Brass Ensemble). Mark Daniel showed off some of his professional magic secrets whilst the judges made that all important decision. 1st prize was awarded to Luke H for a very impressive monologue performance, 2nd prize was awarded to The Beach Boys (Luke H, Harrison B, Joe L, Joseph A) who wowed is with their dancing abilities and surfing wonders! 3rd prize was awarded to Keely L (Singer) who sang a beautiful, emotional version of Ellie Gouldings, Your Song. Well done to all children who participated! 

Thank you to the PTA for providing funds for the trophies and prizes!


Horwich Parish has Talent 2011

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Do you think you have what it takes to win Horwich Parish has Talent 2011?

If you would like to be in with a chance to be in the final and win a prize then fill in an audition form and return it to Mrs Hall before Friday 9th September.

We are looking for a variety of acts such as magicians, jugglers, singers, dancers, actors, cheerleaders, poets, musicians, and even sportsman! So start getting creative, and prepare your auditioning act! You may enter on your own (solo), as a duet, or as a group. Just remember: practice makes perfect!

I can’t wait to see what acts audition this year! Go on…you know you want to!


Book Club

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Some KS1 children have been involved in a book club where they have shared their favourite books with one another then read ‘God’s Dream’ by Desmond Tutu. They have completed a range of activities linked to this book such as creating a blurb and front cover for their own dream which has sparked some interesting discussion! I was very impressed with the blurbs!

Maybe you could tell us what the book is about and what you enjoyed about the sessions. Perhaps, other people could think about your dream for the world and leave a comment.


Bolton Arena

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Today, some KS1 children took part in a gifted and talented sports workshop. Tell us what activities you did and what you enjoyed about the day. I would love to find out more!


Challenge Yourself!

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Y2/3 Music Workshop

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We learned a song about clocks running at three different speeds. Can you hear each part?

Untitled from Alan Beedie on Vimeo.

We worked on our own interpretation of Divisions on a Ground by Gottfried Finger.

Untitled from Alan Beedie on Vimeo.

Lots of work done by everyone to complete our performance!

The final performance from Alan Beedie on Vimeo.